Why Wheatgrass has changed my life

It really isn’t as bad as it looks…

Nothing too dramatic about that statement! Hand on heart I can say that a daily ‘shot’ of wheatgrass has made a massive difference to my energy levels and my health.

It all started in January when I saw Caro Greenwood (@SpikeyMama) talking about the wheatgrass shots that she was given at Christmas. I honestly thought that you could only have wheatgrass anything from health shops and well, anywhere slightly metropolitan. I’d seen smoothies in Pret, Eat and others and always though they looked a bit ‘off’ and really expensive. So I did a little bit of internet research and discovered that you could purchase packs of frozen wheatgrass shots in bulk.

A wheatgrass shot mixed with apple juice.
The finished shot!

Just a little bit after this revelation, my neighbour invited me to a health talk that she was hosting. This was a talk by a Wheatgrass specialist who was not only able to talk about the benefits of taking a daily dose, but also had women there who could vouch for it too. Most importantly, I got to try it. I was DELIGHTED when I was told that I could mix the shot with a juice – to make it more palatable. It works – I have a frozen shot every morning with a bit of juice, bunged into my blender. It doesn’t taste terrible at all. In fact, I’ve managed to get my husband onto it as well. It costs around £1.70 a shot, which as I no longer live in a city and drink coffees everyday is an expense I can manage. I order a bag that gives me 30 shots at a time and just leave them in the freezer until I’m ready!

How do I know the power of wheatgrass? I took a month off having my ‘shot’ whilst I was on holiday and also I did get out of the routine (oops) and I noticed that my energy levels were not as high, I got tired quicker in the evening and I seemed to get every cold going in the vicinity. I’ve been taking a regular dose now for about a month and can already feel the benefits. My skin is looking brighter, I’m still tired but not as much and I’m not craving sugary foods. Win for me!

I use an organic wheatgrass shot because it was about the same price and I thought it would be better for me.

I use Britt’s Superfoods to get mine and I couldn’t recommend the service enough. This isn’t sponsored at all – I’m just a fan.

To learn more about wheatgrass, I suggest reading this article.

5 things that have helped me through work stress

Or how I manage a very busy work time

So the plan with this post is to really get myself back on track with blogging and such like. Since I returned from holiday I have been really busy with work, which has been brilliant and I’ve been working on exciting projects but this blog has slightly fallen by the way side. Not on purpose at all but I wasn’t very organised and didn’t have any saved posts that I could share whilst I was in my ‘busy’ time.

Here are the things that have helped me through the stressful times:

  1. A shot of wheatgrass every morning – look out for a blog post about the wonders of this. I’ve written it (that is half the battle) and I just need to take a few photos now.
  2. A daily dose of Yoga. I think I’ve mentioned that I follow Yoga with Adriene on Youtube? What I didn’t realise is that she curates a schedule of videos for the month. I’m currently following June’s schedule – and really noticing the benefits.
  3. Meal-planning. I haven’t the time or energy to think about meals everyday, so planning the meal schedule at the weekend has really helped.
  4. Muting my Whats App and Messenger apps. I’m part of many groups on both platforms and the messages can get slightly insane. Switching off from these during the day stopped me from getting distracted.
  5. Reading at the end of the day. Even if it was a magazine or a newspaper supplement and not a book, just by reading it really helped me switch off from the day. I have just finished Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney and I’d love to know your thoughts.

What are your go to for stress relief?

ps I’m also planning a spa day at some point and even the mere thought of that kept me going through relentless deadlines and demanding clients!