My current favourite ‘work’ podcasts

What I listen to
when I need inspiring

I like to listen to the radio while I’m working. I think it is because I miss the hum of an office and hearing snippets of other people’s conversations. Normally I have BBC Radio 4 on but in the past month, I’ve found myself switching it off. I’ve just had enough of the ‘B’ word (Brexit) and I’ve really got into podcasts.

This is very new to me – I was shocked when I heard someone swear on it (I know…) and actually winced because I thought it was radio. Anyway, after listening to some complete trite, I’ve now hit on a wave of good ones that help with stuff about this blog, inspiration and organisation. I particularly like downloading them and playing them in the car whilst I’m waiting for a dance class to finish or before school pick up.

You are probably well aware of all of these and if you have a recommendation – please let me know. I need more podcasts!

Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon – I realise that I have mentioned it before but I really love this podcast. Not all the guests and sometimes her questions can feel a bit too ‘fangirl’ for me but all kudos to her – she has great episodes. It tends to be based around a person with strong social media, but the guests always have guts. They’ve got drive, passion and have a way with words. Please listen to Sara Tasker and also Jameela Jamil. Both episodes had me hooked.

Goop x – I didn’t think I would like these, especially as I had unsubscribed from the Goop newsletter (too much wishy washy stuff for my liking) but the conversations held between Gwyneth Paltrow and her guests are fascinating. I found the Oprah one extraordinary (but too long) but I’ve enjoyed them all. I really liked the one with Stella McCartney because she is a business leader that I’ve admired since her Chloe days and she never really comes across well in print media. Here she discusses her career, the juggle and is displays a fine English wit!

The Little Chapters podcast
I always enjoy the conversation of this podcast

The Little Chapters – Two wonderful women (Kayte Ferris and Jessica Rose Williams) chatting about their businesses. I found the freelance and money podcast particular useful. They are very honest and highlight areas such as how they cope with wanting to work and childcare really well. I like their viewpoints and no-nonsense attitude.

I think I’ve already mentioned in the past how much I enjoy Sara Tasker’s Hashtag Authentic podcast and can recommend the episode about freelancing and money management with Niki Groom (Podcast episode 55)

I like Allie’s gusto attitude on this podcast

A friend has recently mentioned The Purpose Show by Allie Casazza. This is a business related podcast where she discusses how she created her organisational businesses and makes it work with a family. It can be a bit too ‘churchy’ for me but I’ve enjoyed a few of the episodes.

Lastly, I have started to listen to On the Make by Josephine Brooks which focuses on how you can create a successful side-businesses. I’m finding this particularly useful because although I do not see this blog as a ‘side business’ (ie one that will generate an income), I do want to plan my blog posts in advance and get a bit more ‘with it.’ This blog allows me to treat this as my side hustle.

What are your favourite work related podcasts? I’d love to know as I’m a bit obsessed!

Ps: I’m also listening to Slow Burn – Watergate files which has nothing to do with work but it is an in-depth investigation into what really happened. I’m pretty clueless about American history and this is fascinating.