My desktop (non)essential

Why flowers help boost my productivity

I’m lucky that in my job all I really need is a laptop, decent wifi and a phone. Access to a printer is always beneficial but I do not really require any specialised equipment.

My office is our kitchen – I work from the kitchen table most days. It’s also the table that my daughter completes her homework, we eat all our meals on and where my husband reads the newspaper from. It is the hub of our home. This means that my working space has to be transient – it is my ‘workspace’ only during the 9 to 3 hours. Everything that I use must be removed from the table before and after those hours for our normal family life to exist.

My usual set up – flowers and mug my (non) essentials

My set up isn’t pretty – it is functional (please see my blog post – my new tech set up for further details) but I work in a creative area and actually need a bit of ‘pretty’ at my workplace to help inspire me.

Ten years ago I would have laughed at what I’m writing now – when I worked in a pretty ordinary office but now I find that if I have a small bunch of flowers above my eye-line when I work, really lifts my mood. Flowers seem like such a luxury to me and when finances are a little tight, it seems an extravagance too far but a 99p bunch of daffodils is just the ticket. I’m so happy when Spring rolls into town – daffs, tulips, blossom etc… I’m not fussy!

Blooms never fail to inspire.

I am waiting with bated breath on the influx of peonies and hydrangeas. They are very expensive but I grow peonies in my garden and I’m desperate to succeed with hydrangeas. Is there anything better then cut flowers from your garden?

What’s your (non) essential item that helps life you when working? I’m also rather fond of a cup of tea from my Emma Bridgewater mug.

Other recommended reads that may be of interest to you:

My Friday Favourites (02/11/18)

Hello! It has been awhile since I last posted one of these style of posts so I

Early morning walk with Maggie
Early morning walk with Maggie. Cold but beautiful!

thought that I would today! Happy November! I do love the crisp mornings we are getting at the moment but hate the darker evenings. I’ll get used to it by getting my ‘hygge’ on – lots of throws, cosy jumpers (I’m scouring our local charity shop), hot chocolate and candles.

My first favourite is the book “10 Things Girls Need Most to Grow Up Strong and Free” by Steve Biddulph. I came across this author after reading an interview with him in The Sunday Times a year or so ago. I’ve had the book awhile and find it really useful to

10 Things Girls Need Most by Steve Biddulph
I really recommend this book to ease any concerns and give sensible guidance.

dip in and out of. There are lots of thought provoking chapters and inspirational quotes to cling onto. If I’m having a wobble about my parenting style then I normally head back to this book. It really does help!


On a more trivial but gladdening to the

Who doesn't love cyclamens? Great for adding instant colour!
Who doesn’t love cyclamens? Great for adding instant colour!

heart note is the beauty of the winter flower. I absolutely love cyclamens and have them pottered around our driveway in pots. They are brilliant at adding extra colour. When they are looking a bit tired, I then plant them in the garden and they appear each year. It is really quite beautiful. My dried hydrangeas

Love my dried flowers for the kitchen!

are also bringing me joy in our kitchen!

Lastly, I am a huge fan of the clothes from Hush. They can be a little expensive but I’m obsessed with their dresses at the moment. With my work, I find dresses are the best solution as I can dress

Soleste dress from Hush
Just look at that trim!!!

them up and also down. The Soleste dress is a particular favourite which I’d wear with a red mid-length coat for work meetings and then a biker jacket for a night out. I love the trim!

Have a great weekend everyone! We are busy busy with family coming to stay, dance competitions, litter picking with the Beavers (Amy) and finally I am going to see The Greatest Showman! A bit late to the party with this one but I’m really excited!