It is all downhill from here…

Have a beautiful Monday
Oh the irony…

When I started this blog, I honestly thought that I could show and share my ideas about how to make the 9 to 3 work. I wasn’t smug but fairly optimistic that I had the rules set in place. And then yesterday happened. Monday. One of those days that nothing goes right and you end up working late into the evening because your daytime was hellish.

So I thought I would tell you that it isn’t always great. Sometimes you do need to stop everything you do and organise lost school shoes, ┬áharvest boxes, dance school location changes, husband’s impromptu governor meeting, pilates, babysitter, cancelled pilates and such like. Yesterday was that day.

But today is already better – work mostly done, eyelashes tinted and now I’m thinking about lunch.

A happier Laura on Tuesday. Freshly tinted.

The rule is: it doesn’t matter that yesterday didn’t go to plan. Just keep going. You’ll get there. With newly tinted lashes.

Where do I start?

I’m a publicist. That means that I promote things – normally books and exhibitions. It also means that I ghostwrite blog posts for authors, artists and businesses. So really, writing my own blog should be a walk in the park. And I have tons of post ideas that I want to write about. I just need to get past this first initial blog. Which is harder than I thought! I guess its like an author writing the first page of their new book, or in my case the first sentence. So this blog post is about getting started on a new project.

I started this blog because I want to share my experiences and also learn from others and nowadays, it seems that blogging and social media is a great way to do both. Perhaps I’ll even make a few friends along the way.

Just a Girl and her blog
I have used Abby Lawson’s Just a Girl and Her Blog to help me kickstart this blog

To kick start this blog, I first started reading the brilliant Abby Lawson’s Just a Girl and her Blog where she covers hints and tips on a few of my favourite things – organising (I know, please don’t hate me, we’ve only just started to get to know each other) and writing. She fell into her blogging world almost by accident and has since gone on to make it her career and now has her husband Donnie helping her as well. Go and see – they’re really great.

Abby created an eBook awhile ago that I bought and downloaded, initially to help a neighbour kickstart her blogging idea, but I’ve recently gone back to it and applied all her prompts to planning this blog. I’ve learnt that even with a blog, it helps to be organised. Building A Framework has been massively helpful and I’d fully recommend it.

I used 123 Reg to register the domain name and host the blog.

To get the nuts and bolts of this blog started, I simply Googled” “How do you start a blog uk” and this article came up! I went with another company that I use for my professional website to register and host this blog (hello 123-Reg) and

I used the Canva app on my phone to create the logo.
I used the Canva app on my phone to create the logo.

I used Canva to create the logo. Lastly, I created an Instagram account for the blog – I’m such a fan of the ‘gram and have found lots of accounts really helpful. (that’s another blog post waiting to happen) You can find me on Instagram here. (@Laura_the-9_to_3)

And Voila! Here we are!

Phew! That first post wasn’t as bad I thought…