My Friday Favourites (12/10/18)

Where has this week gone? I’m on countdown for half-term. Amy finishes school today so I’m rapidly trying to squeeze in as much work as I can before 3.15pm. Fun times!

So these are my very quick Friday Favourites…

I’m going to start with a product that has literally made me very happy! I

Silver Serum. This has changed my skin so much. Worth a go if you get spots!

discovered this serum (Silver Serum) via my Mum as she knew that I was getting large spots (sorry TMI) on my neck and chin when I was feeling quite hormonal. I ordered this stuff due to the rapturous reviews on the website and after about a week of using it twice a day, my spots were smaller and I now have less every month. How do I know it works? This summer I ran out and didn’t order more due to holidays and being disorganised. The spots returned! Argh… I ordered more and they’ve disappeared. It has really changed how I feel about my face.


Another game changer for me is the Free Prints app. You get 45 free 6×4 printed photos every month and you just pay postage.

Perfect for printing your photos out.

It is brilliant getting photos printed from your phone. I use it for Amy’s school/Beaver/craft projects and also to refresh photos in my “Hall of Fame” as I call it!



Lastly I am a huge fan of The Pool – created by the ex-editor of Red magazine Sam Baker and journalist Lauren Laverne. It has numerous articles that appeal to me (37 year old mum, working from home) and they let you know

A great website with considered, curated articles.

how long they think it will take to read each piece. It is perfect for just having a small break from work and catching up with the what is going on beyond the school gates. It has also tamed my addiction to the “sidebar of shame” at the (I’m not proud).



That’s it for today! Short but hopefully sweet. Have a lovely weekend!


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