My Friday Favourites (05/10/18)

Hello! I thought that each Friday I would highlight just a few things that I have been using that I rather like! It will be a mix of stuff – sometimes apps, gadgets or books and other times perhaps a coat or beauty product.

Bobbi Brown Intensive Serum Foundation.

I love this – gives me such a glow!

I’ve used this foundation for at least two years but recently had a break from it. Why? I have asked myself multiple times since buying a new bottle? It is really great – gives me a fresh look each morning and most importantly has a SPF40 in it. Perfect for the harsh Autumn winds when walking my dog!



Lucifer on Amazon Prime
I’m on Season 2 and its great!

This is on Amazon Prime. This is a fun, easy to watch series that I watch when I’m ironing or need a little downtime during the day.




@theinstagramexpert. (SueBZimmerman) I’ve just found her but I’m using her free downloadable print out and helping set up a decent account. I’ll be using this a lot as I get to grips with this blog and social media.


My Slow Cooker. I’m lucky enough to have an Aga (it came with the house!) and it doesn’t get switch on until next week after its service. With the weather getting cooler, suddenly salads and grilled meat just ain’t cutting it anymore. So I picked this beauty up from amazon for £20! Its really good and happily feeds a family of 3 with leftovers to stash in the freezer. I’ve been using The Organised Mum’s slow cooker recipes and can confirm that the Fakeaway Korma is superb. Ditto the Cowboy Beans.


Perfect for after swimming lessons

A Towel Turban that I bought from a pound shop! Its perfect for after Amy’s swimming lessons.

Smells divine! Quite a masculine scent. Even my husband loves it.

PaddyWax Literary Travel Tin Candles – as a family of book lovers these are perfect for us! The burning time feels like forever and I love the literary quotes. They are great to taking with you to places but we currently have them popped around the house and in guest bedrooms.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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