A (Wo)Man’s Best Friend 🐢

My lovely Maggie. (She’s a Cockapoo)

I’ve just posted on Instagram an image of my dog, Maggie. Slightly random but I wanted to share that she is Β very much a huge contributor to my work/life balance. Why? We got her as Amy started Reception at school and suddenly I was aware that I would be working from home (Amy being in full time education meant that I could ramp up my PR business) and might be a little lonely.πŸ˜“

Maggie has enabled me to meet new people (πŸ™‹πŸΌhello Doggy friends – that doesn’t seem weird at all…) and she gets me away from my laptop everyday. I get fresh air 🌲 and a chance to think about work issues or other stuff that happens to be bothering me and I get some exercise. I’m healthier and happier with her. πŸ‘ŠπŸ»Β πŸ‘£

I’m not saying that everyone should get a dog but I am saying that those 30 minutes or so of outside life a couple of times a day does benefit my work. I think I’m better because I HAVE to go out. Otherwise I have an energetic dog wiggling around me. She is also my constant companion (she even follows me to the loo!) and I am NEVER lonely when she is there. 😍

How do you force yourself away from work? Do you join an exercise class in the week? I’d be really interested to know.

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