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Time for another How I Work post and I’m delighted that Charlotte Beattie kindly agreed to answer my questions! I came across her lovely Instagram account as I was starting up this blog and was instantly hooked by her posts. Being a Virtual Assistant is one of the roles that I wanted to feature on this blog as it means putting to use life-learnt skills whilst being based anywhere in the world. Anyway, please do read Charlotte’s entry as it is full of helpful advice.

Name of Business: Concierge in the Cloud

Charlotte runs Concierge in the Cloud

What do you do: I am a Virtual Assistant offering business support, specialising in PA Support, Event Management & Social Media Management. Concierge in the Cloud aims to be the 25th hour in your day. We will give you back that all important commodity of time, to spend on what matters most to your business; talking to clients, growing your business or simply achieving a better work/life balance. We work remotely meaning no office space is required and there is no HR burden. Put simply we are your extra pair of hands, offering an efficient and cost effective service.

Where do you work: I’m at the kitchen table with my laptop, sometimes I venture out to a nearby garden centre café. I have an office setup in my house.

How did you get to this point in your career: Pre children I was an event manager in London for many years working for banks and law firms such as

Charlotte used to work at Deutsche Bank
Charlotte used to work at Deutsche Bank

JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital and Linklaters. However, after having our first daughter and with my husband then in the RAF, working in London was no longer feasible. I needed a job that I could not only move around with (due to the RAF lifestyle) but that also enabled me to work around my daughter.   Evening and overseas events just weren’t possible any longer. With my daughter 18 months old and living in Hampshire it was at this time that Concierge in the Cloud was created. Being a virtual assistant allows me to work remotely and at the times that suit me best. Now also having 3 year old twin girls, this has become ever more of a necessity!

The best part of my job is: The flexibility it allows me with having 3 young daughters. I also love the fact that every day is different depending on which client I am working with.

The worst part of my job is: No longer being able to nip out at lunch-time and get some yummy sushi from the amazing places in London I used to go to!

Favourite time-saving trick: Templates! Having spent many years working in the Corporate sector I know how valuable ‘Best Practice documents’ are. Now running a small business and trying to juggle it with a busy home life,

Charlotte advises on using Best Practice documents

having best practice documents in place literally saves me hours! Not having to recreate the wheel every time I do something is invaluable to me! Many small businesses just don’t get round to doing this, hence why we offer this as one of our services.

Best advice for anyone working 9 to 3: Embrace it. Make the most of being able to put the washing on, make a cup of tea when you want to and then being able to go and collect your little people from school at the end of each day. I really believe it’s one of the best gifts you can give them when they are small. My daughter loves telling me about her day straightaway on our journey home. Very often if we don’t chat about it until bedtime she has forgotten all the little stories or is simply too tired to tell me by then! Most importantly, don’t ever feel guilty for trying to achieve this great work/life balance!

Favourite social media accounts/blogs: I love so many! I follow a real mix

Charlotte is a fan of Clemmie and Simon’s Instagram accounts

from business related ones and lifestyle. Having 3 girls including twin daughters, I do love reading ‘Mother of Daughters ‘and ‘Father of Daughters’ daily stories as they always seem to resonate with me! I also love the way they balance their home and work life.


Please do find out more about Charlotte and her business by visiting her website and Instagram account!


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