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I mentioned last week that I was looking to feature people that work mostly during the school hours. I am thrilled that Allison is my first! I met Allison quite a few years ago when I was dipping my toe into the world of networking. I was a new mum and looking at new adventures during my maternity leave. Allison was the uber cool girl who nailed her “1 minute” talk every time. I’ve always been in awe of her ever since.

The fan-girling continues as she’s booked several holidays and flights for me and my in-laws. She made each holiday a dream where the rubbish stuff is taken care of (by her). She even managed to get a birthday cake for my daughter once when we were away. Impressive.

How I Work

  1. Name:  Allison Barnard
  2. Name of Business:  Travel Counsellors

    Allison works from home whilst living an international life.
  3. What do you do:  I run my own travel business looking after Major Artists on tour,  family holidays, individual business trips, and everything in between.  I am self employed and a franchisee of Travel Counsellors who provide full financial protection, branding, marketing, business support, buying power, and access to booking technology to assist in making my business successful.
  4. Where do you work:  Mostly from home but I literally could be anywhere with a decent internet connection.
  5. How did you get to this point in your career: On returning to the office in
    Allison works as a Travel Counsellor

    March 2012 after maternity leave I decided I wanted to see my children grow.   So I joined Travel Counsellors and have never looked back

  6. The best part of my job is:
    Making travel dreams come true is one of the highlights in Allison’s job.

    Helping make dreams come true.

  7. The worst part of my job is:  Having to give bad news, re prices or delays or cancellations.
  8. Favourite time-saving trick:  Know your tech, make it work for you. And pick up the phone, endless threads can be squashed in to a concise phone call, and your customers will value you more by having actual contact.
  9. Best advice for anyone working 9 to 3:  don’t forget you.  Make sure you have me time, not just work time/kid time.  Even if it’s just walking the dog or stopping in the park for a coffee on the way back from school drop off or a yoga class or a swim.  My business always does better when I remember to do things for me. And you really can’t look after anyone else if you don’t look after you.
  10. Favourite social media accounts/blogs – I do struggle keeping up with any.  Although a friend moved to Amsterdam last year and I do try and keep up with .


You can reach Allison via her website:

Or Facebook:


If you would like to know more about Travel Counsellors and how working with them happens, then please click here.


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