Getting back into the swing of work…

Hello! Just thought I would pop on and finally write a quick post. These last few months have been a little strange and I’m afraid that this blog is the first thing that I stop paying attention to when work/life gets full on. I have really missed writing on here so I’ll endeavour to get back to it.

How are you? I’m fine. There have been many ups and downs along the way but basically after March my work really just disappeared which did enable me to homeschool my daughter but not to earn any money. Since she returned back to school, I’m delighted that things are picking up. It takes about a month for work to come in and although I’ve had a frustrating September, I’m really looking forward to October with exciting projects ahead.

What I’ve been doing to reconnect with clients:

  1. I’ve sent out brief emails to let clients know that I am back into my work routine.
  2. Updated LinkedIn and commented on other people’s posts.
  3. Invited new clients for a socially distant coffee
  4. Updated myself on new releases and sent suggestions to clients
  5. Followed up with calls – where necessary.

While I have been waiting for projects to start, I’ve kept myself busy with bits and pieces around the house including:

  1. A full declutter of toys and clothes (Yes, I watched Get Organised on Netflix)
  2. Painting the Sitting Room (added a colour wall – F&B’s Card Room Green)
  3. Adding ‘warm touches’ to Amy’s study room (I loved this cosy throw from Matalan)
  4. Getting the garden ready for winter (I’ve tried a ‘bulb lasagne‘ from Sarah Raven)
  5. Updating my financial accounts (it makes life less stressful!)

By having these projects, I’ve kept myself busy but also eased myself back into simple tasks, completing projects that didn’t involve my daughter. I missed my daughter hugely when she returned to school and it has taken me a few weeks to adjust to being by myself again. These projects really helped, gave me a sense of achievement and I feel ready for work now!

What have you been doing during the quiet work months?

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