My Friday Favourites: (01/03/19)

My Friday Favourites!

Just thought I would share a few things that are making my life sweeter at the moment! Quite like the BBC, the things that are either entertaining, informing or educating me!

First up has to be The Homeworker magazine. I downloaded the first issue last week while I was in London during half term and have been slowly reading it on my iPad. I wouldn’t recommend you read it on your phone. There are lots of thought provoking articles, it is beautifully designed and I love the mix of insight and whimsy.

This is such a good find!

During my London trip, I spent time working in the cafe at M&S on Oxford Street! (hello free wifi!) I was feeling VERY tired at the time and looked it too. You know when you are so tired but cannot be bothered to even put make up on that will make you look better but still you are cba? Well I shamelessly snuck into the beauty department and slavered on the Emma Hardie Midas Touch Revitalising Eye Serum which was amazing and really perked me up. (it is however out of my price league) However, while I was doing this, a lovely M&S lady came up to me and offered me a few samples to try at home and the standout was Pixi Vitamin-C Cavier Balm which is brilliant! I wear it at night and I wake up looking alive – not the half zombie. The closest to the dreamy Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum I have tried. And it is a lot cheaper at £24 from M&S.

A bunch of Daffodils make me happy!

Having flowers in a vase near my laptop as I work is definitely a luxury that never fails to boost my mood and normally I view this as a treat but I am loving having Daffodils available to me at the moment. 99p a bunch normally and they do last a good week. Bringing sunshine to my working day! (although this crazy warm weather is also a real mood lifter)

I’m also mainlining podcasts as I work too – I’m working on a few projects that need an extra boost of creativity on my part and I find listening to inspiring people really helpful. I recommend Hashtag Authentic with Sara Tasker – and also any podcast that has her on as a guest. She has a book out too now. She speaks with honesty and clarity on running a business whilst also suffering from chronic illness. My friends think I’m bonkers but I’ve always had a soft spot for David Tennant (he just seems like a really nice man who is VERY good at his job), so when I saw he had a podcast, I was there. I loved his interview with Olivia Coleman and Jodie Whitacker.

What are your favourite things at the moment? I love hearing about great books, podcasts, clothes or anything really that brings happiness!

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My Friday favourites: (08/02/19)

My Friday Favourites!

It has been awhile since I wrote one of these! Simply because I have been so busy with my working 9 to 3 that I haven’t had much of a chance to share what has been inspiring/helping me over the past month.

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Becoming by Michelle Obama: this was a very much wanted Christmas present and it didn’t disappoint. She’s quite something – what an inspiration and I loved the story that she had to tell. It felt very truthful and I don’t always get that feeling with every autobiography I’ve read. I read a lot of books for my work (I’m a book publicist) so it was lovely to switch off from work mode and just enjoy the writing. Her upbringing is fascinating and the first chapters are really what I enjoyed the most – you learn where she gets her drive from and yearning to keep learning. I particularly enjoyed the stories about her family and growing up in Chicago.

CTRL+ALT+DELETE podcast by Emma Gannon: Sarah Knight. I’m still getting my head round podcasts (I still get a small thrill when I hear them swearing – it just feels deliciously wrong!) and I know that a lot of people really enjoy these Emma Gannon podcasts. This episode with Sarah Knight (the author of the No F***s Given series of books) really shone for me. I think it has more to do with Sarah then Emma though! I’ve not read her books but have seen them everywhere (Jess Soothill wrote a great blog post about her reaction to reading one of Knight’s books) and was intrigued to hear what she has to say. Simply put – she’s another great one. Shoots from the hip, says it how it truly is and still has vulnerability when she discusses her books, life choices and how she learnt to really not care what people think. If I can just get a pinch of Sarah Knight attitude then I’ll be happy.

Vego mini choc bar

Vego Mini Choc Bar: this is the dreamiest dairy free chocolate bar I have ever eaten. It fits into my handbag and lets me have something ‘treaty’ when I’m out and about. I was introduced to it at my local Holland & Barrett and I’ve been in love ever since. Full of sugar though but it is just like Nutella. Yum! Even better, it comes as a spread in a jar too. Perfect for pancakes, toast and bagel toppings.

Sex Education on Netflix. This is a very funny, Skins -esque drama series that currently everyone I know is watching and with good reason. It stars Gillian Anderson and anything that she’s in is usually superb. Set in a school, it’s about a boy trying to make his way through the ravages of high school and counselling his fellow students with their sexual adventures. Hilarious, sometimes a bit emotional and brilliantly acted. My favourite is Eric. (love him!)

I’ve also read some other brilliant books (currently loving An Edited Life by Anna Newton and will report back on that one) and listening to podcasts such as I’m Absolutely Fine and The High Low. Oh and I’m watching Dancing on Ice with Amy. We both love it.

Have a lovely weekend!

My Friday Favourites (02/11/18)

Hello! It has been awhile since I last posted one of these style of posts so I

Early morning walk with Maggie
Early morning walk with Maggie. Cold but beautiful!

thought that I would today! Happy November! I do love the crisp mornings we are getting at the moment but hate the darker evenings. I’ll get used to it by getting my ‘hygge’ on – lots of throws, cosy jumpers (I’m scouring our local charity shop), hot chocolate and candles.

My first favourite is the book “10 Things Girls Need Most to Grow Up Strong and Free” by Steve Biddulph. I came across this author after reading an interview with him in The Sunday Times a year or so ago. I’ve had the book awhile and find it really useful to

10 Things Girls Need Most by Steve Biddulph
I really recommend this book to ease any concerns and give sensible guidance.

dip in and out of. There are lots of thought provoking chapters and inspirational quotes to cling onto. If I’m having a wobble about my parenting style then I normally head back to this book. It really does help!


On a more trivial but gladdening to the

Who doesn't love cyclamens? Great for adding instant colour!
Who doesn’t love cyclamens? Great for adding instant colour!

heart note is the beauty of the winter flower. I absolutely love cyclamens and have them pottered around our driveway in pots. They are brilliant at adding extra colour. When they are looking a bit tired, I then plant them in the garden and they appear each year. It is really quite beautiful. My dried hydrangeas

Love my dried flowers for the kitchen!

are also bringing me joy in our kitchen!

Lastly, I am a huge fan of the clothes from Hush. They can be a little expensive but I’m obsessed with their dresses at the moment. With my work, I find dresses are the best solution as I can dress

Soleste dress from Hush
Just look at that trim!!!

them up and also down. The Soleste dress is a particular favourite which I’d wear with a red mid-length coat for work meetings and then a biker jacket for a night out. I love the trim!

Have a great weekend everyone! We are busy busy with family coming to stay, dance competitions, litter picking with the Beavers (Amy) and finally I am going to see The Greatest Showman! A bit late to the party with this one but I’m really excited!


My Friday Favourites (12/10/18)

Where has this week gone? I’m on countdown for half-term. Amy finishes school today so I’m rapidly trying to squeeze in as much work as I can before 3.15pm. Fun times!

So these are my very quick Friday Favourites…

I’m going to start with a product that has literally made me very happy! I

Silver Serum. This has changed my skin so much. Worth a go if you get spots!

discovered this serum (Silver Serum) via my Mum as she knew that I was getting large spots (sorry TMI) on my neck and chin when I was feeling quite hormonal. I ordered this stuff due to the rapturous reviews on the website and after about a week of using it twice a day, my spots were smaller and I now have less every month. How do I know it works? This summer I ran out and didn’t order more due to holidays and being disorganised. The spots returned! Argh… I ordered more and they’ve disappeared. It has really changed how I feel about my face.


Another game changer for me is the Free Prints app. You get 45 free 6×4 printed photos every month and you just pay postage.

Perfect for printing your photos out.

It is brilliant getting photos printed from your phone. I use it for Amy’s school/Beaver/craft projects and also to refresh photos in my “Hall of Fame” as I call it!



Lastly I am a huge fan of The Pool – created by the ex-editor of Red magazine Sam Baker and journalist Lauren Laverne. It has numerous articles that appeal to me (37 year old mum, working from home) and they let you know

A great website with considered, curated articles.

how long they think it will take to read each piece. It is perfect for just having a small break from work and catching up with the what is going on beyond the school gates. It has also tamed my addiction to the “sidebar of shame” at the (I’m not proud).



That’s it for today! Short but hopefully sweet. Have a lovely weekend!


My Friday Favourites (05/10/18)

Hello! I thought that each Friday I would highlight just a few things that I have been using that I rather like! It will be a mix of stuff – sometimes apps, gadgets or books and other times perhaps a coat or beauty product.

Bobbi Brown Intensive Serum Foundation.

I love this – gives me such a glow!

I’ve used this foundation for at least two years but recently had a break from it. Why? I have asked myself multiple times since buying a new bottle? It is really great – gives me a fresh look each morning and most importantly has a SPF40 in it. Perfect for the harsh Autumn winds when walking my dog!



Lucifer on Amazon Prime
I’m on Season 2 and its great!

This is on Amazon Prime. This is a fun, easy to watch series that I watch when I’m ironing or need a little downtime during the day.




@theinstagramexpert. (SueBZimmerman) I’ve just found her but I’m using her free downloadable print out and helping set up a decent account. I’ll be using this a lot as I get to grips with this blog and social media.


My Slow Cooker. I’m lucky enough to have an Aga (it came with the house!) and it doesn’t get switch on until next week after its service. With the weather getting cooler, suddenly salads and grilled meat just ain’t cutting it anymore. So I picked this beauty up from amazon for £20! Its really good and happily feeds a family of 3 with leftovers to stash in the freezer. I’ve been using The Organised Mum’s slow cooker recipes and can confirm that the Fakeaway Korma is superb. Ditto the Cowboy Beans.


Perfect for after swimming lessons

A Towel Turban that I bought from a pound shop! Its perfect for after Amy’s swimming lessons.

Smells divine! Quite a masculine scent. Even my husband loves it.

PaddyWax Literary Travel Tin Candles – as a family of book lovers these are perfect for us! The burning time feels like forever and I love the literary quotes. They are great to taking with you to places but we currently have them popped around the house and in guest bedrooms.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!